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Individuals, Relationships, Families, and Groups
One on One and Couples Counselling, Family Counselling, and Workshops

Grief & Loss
Adjusting to a loss can be a difficult and challenging process. Grief can be a very lonely and isolating process and it may be difficult to know where to turn. It creates symptoms and strong emotions that affect individual and family functioning, and confusion about the meaning of life. I hope to assist you in transforming your painful experiences into a more loving and healing place. Although healing does not mean forgetting, healing means being at peace and forming a new connection with our loss/losses.
Heal Trauma and PTSD
Unmanageable symptoms often surface after enduring a traumatic experience or event. Whether you have been in an abusive relationship, experienced childhood physical and/or sexual abuse, a traumatic disaster, or traumatic death within your lifetime, I feel honoured to be able to offer an opportunity to alleviate your pain. I offer an opportunity to permanently reduce symptoms and to learn to make peace with difficult experiences.

Transform Relationships (Couples Welcome)

Learn to create healthier and more meaningful relationships by understanding yourself and others. Communicate your needs and create a greater connection with the important people in your life in a more fulfilling way. Improve communication, create more intimacy, and build a stronger foundation.

Reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Improve your Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, and many other mental health issues can be debilitating; learn to turn debilitation into healing.


Experience Less Stress

Stress may impact all areas of our life and it reduces our ability to enjoy daily life. Learn to reduce stress but still accomplish the things you want in life.

Codependency & Managing Crisis

Believing that you are able to handle anything that comes your way may be a challenge. Start listening to your inner voice and develop instinct and intuition. Learn how to feel your personal power.

Feel Empowered


Create more meaningful relationships and empower your life purpose.  We all have the answers in our own life but we sometimes have difficulty seeing them through the hardship. Feel your gifts of empowerment today.


Adjust to Life Change and Illness

Change can be very difficult in life. Maintaining safety and security within allows you to endure the impact of any expected or unexpected change. Living with an illness may be an unwanted change that challenges you to focus on self care. I help you to ease the impact of life change and illness.


Intuitive Healing

Connect with yourselves and others on a physical and spiritual level. I use my intuition, knowing, and natural abilities to transform your present experience and give you answers you may seek.

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All sessions are between 60 to 85 Minutes in length. 

Telephone consultation is Free between the hours of 9 AM - 11 AM on select days, please call (403) 391-3882.

Individual: With Patricia Popoff

$175 per session.

The session is approximately 60 to 85 minutes, depending on your needs.

Couple (up to 2 people): With Patricia Popoff

$195 per session.

The session is approximately 60 to 85 minutes, depending on couples needs.

Family Session (3 or more people): With Patricia Popoff

$215 per session.

The session is approximately 60 to 85 minutes or more depending on family needs. 


I accept cash, cheque, email transfer, debit and/or credit.

Due to the ability of benefit reimbursement, there are NO refunds.



I am on the provider list of several insurance companies. I take all forms of payments and I will provide an official receipt so that you may submit for reimbursement as long as your insurance plan covers a registered social worker. If you do not have benefits please inquire at 403-391-3882 for more information.

Please note that we do ask for 24 HOURS notice for any appointment changes or charges may apply.

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